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There are 18 million women living with HIV in the world today with a further one million women newly infected every year.

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance exists for one reason - to end AIDS through community action.

Established 20 years ago, we are an alliance of innovative organisations, united by our vision of a world without AIDS.

We know real change comes through community action and by involving the people most affected by HIV in the design and delivery of health services.

We empower adolescent girls and young women living with and affected by HIV to live a positive and healthy life.

These young women can change HIV forever. You can help them by donating now.

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  • £5
    pays for a peer educator’s transport for the day
  • £10
    pays for a young person’s health education session
  • £25
    could train a healthcare worker for 1 day
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Our Stories

Janet's Story

Empowered through understanding, Janet has been helped to avoid child marriage and teenage pregnancy. She is now a spokesperson for girls’ rights.
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Mariam's Story

Mariam not only learnt about her own sexual and reproductive health rights but has also become an ambassador as a peer-educator and mentor.
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Daphine's Story

Born with HIV, Daphine is now proud to live a positive life. Support from the Alliance has given her skills and confidence to help others and also look to her own future.
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